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  1. Has anyone used this workflow in Alfred 4? I'm thinking about updating but I don't wanna lose anything.
  2. Has anybody experienced the Alfred workflow cutting off characters? Every now and then it truncates my entries.
  3. Has anyone tried using this with the Omnifocus 2 beta? I love the simplicity of this workflow. This is what I get when I try to run it. [ERROR: alfred.workflow.action.applescript] { NSAppleScriptErrorBriefMessage = "Expected end of line but found plural class name."; NSAppleScriptErrorMessage = "Expected end of line but found plural class name."; NSAppleScriptErrorNumber = "-2741"; NSAppleScriptErrorRange = "NSRange: {278, 5}"; } It opens OF when it's not open but it doesn't add the task.
  4. It's been happening with radd as well. Awesome work nonetheless. No real biggie just wanted to see if it was just me or not.
  5. Sometimes it happens when Reminders is open. Sometimes it does it when it's closed. I'm gonna try radd for a while and see how that works. It seems like it happens randomly. I can never duplicate it. It does it when I use radd as well
  6. I got: create long reminder see if the reminder wo I did it a second time and got: create long reminder see if the reminder wor ...weird.
  7. Does anyone have any issues with your reminders being truncated? Example: "r Create a long reminder to see if the reminder works" may come up as "Create a long remind" instead. Sometimes it does it, sometimes it doesn't. I can't duplicate it. I ran the rtest and everything comes up ok
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