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  1. Thank you guys! I have checked out the fuzzy setting. It is great! I still have problem with my Activity Monitor. I am now rebuilding the index.
  2. Using Alfred for half a year, I finally found something not so convenient of it. Take "Activity Monitor.app" provided with OS X Mountain Lion as example. If I type "act" in Spotlight and Alfred, both get to it with ease. If I type "mon", though, Alfred cannot figure it out while Spotlight makes it. Another example, also from system utility "Disk Utility.app". If I type "disk", both Spotlight and Alfred get it. If I type "di u", only Spotlight gets it. Final example, from "DOSBox.app" and "VirtualBox.app" If I type "dos", both Spotlight and Alfred get "DOSBox.app" only. If I type "box", bo
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