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  1. Nloc - network location switcher for Alfred I use the OS X `network locations` feature quite often. It allows me to comfortably switch between networks, without setting the proxies, DNS and other parameters every time. So I wrote this workflow to do it even faster. Usage: nloc network_location_name Workflow supports autocompletion of known network locations: Download: Up-to-date workflow bundles can be downloaded here. NOTE: Due to changes in security policy on OS X 10.8, system _will_ ask you for your password after executing the workflow. OS X 10.7 system won't ask for your password since it doesn't require the `networksetup` command to be executed with super user privileges.
  2. Octopress publisher This Alfred extension automatically creates a post and opens the markdown file for it in your editor of choice (it uses Mou by default). It can also start static content generation and notify you on completion. Usage: Before you start using the extension, you will need to set the 'OCTOPATH' variable to your octopress installation directory and ‘EDITORAPP to your favourite editor. blog Awesome article Create a new blog post, named "Awesome article" blog generate Launch static page generation via Jekyll. Additional features: - Full UTF8 support (blog posts in cyrillic, etc.) - Built-in script for rake debugging. Download: Up-to-date workflow bundles can be downloaded here. Reporting issues: If you have any requests or suggestions, feel free to poke me here or on GitHub: https://github.com/temikus If you found an issue, I kindly ask you to link the "blog" keyword to the disconnected Debug script, reproduce the issue and provide the following trace logs along with issue description: ~/Desktop/op_trace.log ~/Desktop/op_rake.log
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