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  1. Awesome! Thanks. The thing I missed in my workflow was the kMDItemTextContent.
  2. Ok, so I looked at workflows, but I'm still slightly confused on how to do this. Basically, I need to do an "in <search string>" for powerpoint types. I see that I can do the File FIlter input, but that does a find and not an in, so I don't find my content. Is there a way to do an in with a filter? Thanks.
  3. Thanks. It did start to show up with in (I swear it wasn't before). By creating a filter are you suggesting I create a workflow, or is there omething simpler?
  4. Hi All, I bought the alfred powerpack a couple years ago with a mac I got at work and then I had to go back to using a windows laptop. I just recently got a new macbook and am back using a mac with vmware fusion. I've installed the lasted v2 with powerpack and am having a rather simple problem. I can't seem to find content Microsoft powerpoint 2010 files through their content. For example, I'd like to find a pptx file with the word foo in one of the slide captions. I'd think I could bring up alfred and just type foo or maybe find pptx foo or even in pptx foo or something like that. Alfred doesn't find it. However, if I go to spotlight and type in foo, spotlight finds the file without a problem. I tried setting all search types in the default results and that didn't help. The file is on my desktop and include folders in home is checked. Any thoughts on what settings I need to change here to make this work? Alfred should work better than spotlight, but doesn't seem to in this instance. Thanks.
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