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  1. Hi, after browsing documentation and here in the forum I couldn't figure out how I can tell Alfred what is sent to an Output Action like "copy to clipboard" or "display large"? I have a script filter, which queries a JSON datasource and receives 6 fields. These fields are assembled to an item's title (F1+F2) and subtitle (F3/4/5/6). How can I achieve that e.g. the content of Field 5 is copied to clipboard when users hits enter on an item? Thank you Thomas PS: In my test environment "{query}" is pre-populated in the dialogue when creati
  2. Great! Thank you - it worked. I found a lot of workflows with exactly the same problem in my installation. Best Thomas
  3. IS this considered solved? My installation does not work (latest OS, latest Alfred 3, latest workflow). This is the debug log when typing "man g" into Alfred: Starting debug for 'man' [2018-02-21 10:04:37][ERROR: input.scriptfilter] Code 1: Traceback (most recent call last): File "<string>", line 2, in <module> File "alfredman.py", line 80, in complete whatis = fetch_whatis() File "alfredman.py", line 20, in fetch_whatis cache = path.join(alfred.work(volatile=True), u'whatis.1.json') File "alfred.py", line 70, in work
  4. I found this about "Combining Diaresis" (see http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/308/index.htm) which seems something to send the diaresis as a seperate thing after the plain character. I don't know how I can convert this representation to utf-8. Any ideas? Thanks Thomas
  5. Hi, I have problems to get a phrase like "Müller" correctly transfered into a script. The "ü" (LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH DIAERESIS - utf-8 = c3+bc) does not reach my python-script via the imput placeholder "{query}". For testing I tried a mini Script-Action (Bash) with "Müller" as the search word: echo "{query}" | xxd > somefile.txt The "ü" seems to represented as 75+cc+88 (in context: 0000000: 4d75 cc88 6c6c 6572 0a ) echo "Müller" | xxd in the OSX terminal displays: 0000000: 4dc3 bc6c 6c65 720a Any ideas? Thanks Thomas
  6. My first worklfow. Not very robust, suggestions for a newbie welcome. Download here: http://d.pr/f/gKDB Input: shortened URL in clipboard. Keyword "xpand" Result: Alfred result list with one item with long URL and title (if any), "enter" opens long URL in default browser See example-screenshot with "http://bit.ly/15ceBgM" in clipboard: Todo: fault tolerance (illegal URL in input, target not a website (no title)), browser icon instead of folder icon
  7. Sorry, guys - I am not sure why, but the workfow works no. I have to find out how to catch an illegal URL - with a legal URL everythings works as expected Thanks Thomas
  8. Hi, (among other starter problems) I have the following problem: The below script runs fine in the Mac OSX terminal. But as an "run script" action (type "python") it hangs. When I delete the urlopen line the script runs to the end (but of course without a JSON result). The small workflow is here: http://d.pr/f/K3t So something seems to be wrong with the line "response = urllib2....": import urllib2 import urllib import json url='{query}' endpoint='http://api.longurl.org/v2/expand' params = {'url':url, 'title':'1','format':'json'} response = urllib2.urlopen(endpoint+'?'+ urllib.ur
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