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  1. Have now quite Alfred, trashed it and emptied trash. Then downloaded and started again. But still have the same problem.
  2. Reinstalled iTunes but still have the white no entry sign
  3. Have taken a look at my preferences in Alfred and notice that the iTunes icon has a white no entry sign over it.
  4. Have done as you suggested and done repair permissions but still have the problem - and have tried to select a singer, then a song from their album and it's not working. If I select playlists and select one of my playlists I just get the choice of choosing again rather than it showing whats in the playlist. In case it may have a baring on what's wrong - I've downloaded the Evernote workflow and that's not working either (I'm in contact with Carlos about this). Other workflows Weather, Alfredtweet and Search Mail (all by David Ferguson) seem to be working fine.
  5. Everything is up-to-date. Have tried running your script but get Syntax error - expected "," but found property or key form. Nothing showing in result box. Tried to post a screen shot but am not allowed to. When I do ennew it doesn't give me the options it only says create a new note in Evernote and search Google Amazon and Wikipedia so I can't add something from clipboard.
  6. When I use Alfred 2 iTunes mini I get the following message Unable to compile script 'itunes' You really shouldn't be seeing this message! Alfred compiles and caches AppleScripts to make things faster. Something has happened which has prevented Alfred from doing this for e.g. osacompile does not exist or there is a permissions problem. Alfred will fall back to internally compiling scripts when it needs them. I'm using the latest version of Alfred - downloaded from the website earlier today. OS X 10.8.3
  7. Have enabled access for assistive devices quit Alfred2 and restarted it. Deleted evernote workflow and reimported it but it has made no difference.
  8. Help - I can't get this workflow to work - what am I doing wrong? I put in ennew but as soon as I type the w it starts to search Google, etc. It's the same when I try ent as soon as I press the space bar and then a letter it begins to search Google, etc
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