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  1. Everything is up-to-date. Have tried running your script but get Syntax error - expected "," but found property or key form. Nothing showing in result box. Tried to post a screen shot but am not allowed to. When I do ennew it doesn't give me the options it only says create a new note in Evernote and search Google Amazon and Wikipedia so I can't add something from clipboard.
  2. Have enabled access for assistive devices quit Alfred2 and restarted it. Deleted evernote workflow and reimported it but it has made no difference.
  3. Help - I can't get this workflow to work - what am I doing wrong? I put in ennew but as soon as I type the w it starts to search Google, etc. It's the same when I try ent as soon as I press the space bar and then a letter it begins to search Google, etc
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