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  1. This is a file action, i.e. you not simply type into Alfred. Instead, you select the creator textfile (which contains the folder structure), and apply the workflow on it. (As if you applied an “Open Terminal Here” on a folder.) To achieve this, select the textfile, and invoke the file action shortcut, which is, by default, Option+Command+\ More info here: Show list of available Actions for selected Finder item Tutorial (annotated and HD quality) video about the process here I have just updated and annotated the video to avoid the blur-bug of Dropbox-movies. Hope, this helps. Best, Adam
  2. Hi chsweb, check this folder and simply follow follow these steps: Install the workflow you have downloaded (I assume you have already done this): cfs-1.png Check the workflow: cfs-2.png and cfs-3.png Create a textfile (my-folder-structure.txt, name doesn’ matter) with e.g. the following content (whitespaces are visible here because they are important): cfs-4.png Now run the workflow on this file (i.e. this is a file action): cfs-0.png Then press enter. I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me by mail: royaljerry@gmail.com. Best, Adam
  3. Ugh, sorry. Link just updated (and re-checked), thanks for mentioning.
  4. Unfortunately the script generates each folder wth a trailing new line – I’ll fix it today later. Just edited, it should now work.
  5. Create Folder Structure v1.0.1 This script creates a folder structure defined in a text file. Usage Select the definition text file, then open Alfred, and run “Create Folder Structure”. Definition File Syntax Create an UTF-8 encoded text file (e.g. in TextEdit), and start typing folder names, row by row, one after another. Each one must be placed in a unique row. If a subfolder is required, just indent it with a tab. Folder names can contain any legal characters the OS X supports. Example: First Folder Second Folder First Subfolder of Second Folder Second Subfolder of Second Folder First Subsubfolder of Second Subfolder Third Folder Metanames %date% - Creates a folder named after the current date. Download You can download it from this link. Feedback Feel free to contact me at royaljerry@gmail.com http://www.facebook.com/royaljerry
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