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  1. Thank you. Appreciate the reply on Christmas Eve no less!
  2. FIXED: Apparently, the setting to enable the clipboard was turned off in the Migration process from old computer to new. The fix was simple. Turn On the Clipboard History!
  3. The clipboard merging feature (cmd + c + c) no longer works after upgrading to the new MBP with the M1 processor. I tried Clearing the clipboard history but this didn't help. The dialogue box shows that the option is checked (ON) but the text is greyed out so I can't toggle it ON or OFF. See attached screenshot. Is this a known problem? Any suggestions to restore this feature which I use often? Thanks Scott C. Saluda, NC
  4. Guess I need to retract my comment about using this workflow with Diceware. The FAQ linked to the page referenced above specifically says NOT to use an "electronic dice thrower" unless one knows how the electronics generates randomness and unless the user can evaluate it's strength. I wouldn't have a clue how to evaluate the strength of the randomness algorithm. Diceware seems to be a good way to generate a passphrase but they recommend "old-fashioned, real dice." Scott C.
  5. Seems like this could be a convenient tool for someone wanting to use the "Diceware" method of choosing passphrases - explained here and -- I believe -- recommended by the makers of 1Password. http://world.std.com/~reinhold/diceware.html Scott C.
  6. I am having the same issue reported by mjv above. Also on 10.8.3 and Alfred 2.0.3. This is a great idea for a workflow. Thanks to author for his efforts.
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