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  1. Awesome. Works great! Thanks for spending the extra time on it. Mike
  2. Thank you. That did catch the error and the plug-in is now operating! However, I'm getting unexpected results. Example - when I search for a known and pretty unique bookmark string "mameworld", I get a list of matches. One of them is indeed a "mameworld" bookmarks, but the rest don't have that string anywhere in them. If I then search for "mame", I get a long list returned, but the string "mame" is not in that output.
  3. I did as you requested and here is the contents of /tmp/alfred.txt. profile=~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/*.default places=/Users/wagner/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/laurr8cc.default/places.sqlite I recalled I installed a version of python when I took a python course at one point. I compared my version against a fresh install of 10.8 and found I had 2.7.1 and the fresh install had 10.7.2. Following instructions on python.org, I removed the now outdated and non-stock 2.7.1 version and confirmed I am back to stock. When I run python bookmarks.py as i did befor
  4. Thanks for getting back to me, Jan. Sadly, I had long since given up on using Alfred for my FF bookmarks, so I'm glad to hear from you! I don't have any other python workflows in Alfred, so it could be python related. When I run bookmarks.py by itself outside of Alfred, this is what I get: /Application Support/Alfred 2/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.7D2FE02B-9FB8-45B1-AE1F-DDFE468A3D4A python bookmarks.py "~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/laurr8cc.default" "coke" Traceback (most recent call last): File "bookmarks.py", line 69, in <module> a
  5. The authentication works and I'm able to control my Indigo devices with Alfred via your workflow. Very cool! The downside is I can't seem to search within the found devices or just type in the entire command string. I understand getting a sorted list of returned devices is kinda awkward in Alfred due to how it ranks/sorts returned items, but not having a way to quickly navigate a 30+ Indigo device list is unwieldy at best. I'd like to short-circuit the 3 step process by having the option to type it all out "indigo Living Light on" or whatever. Mike
  6. Hi, Thanks. I grabbed your latest release and installed it. I got my server defined correctly and DEBUG shows it loading the server var correctly in log.txt. However, I have my Indigo web interface password protected and wondered if that may pose a problem with the workflow? It doesn't seem to be able to pull the Devices list and I suspect that might be the cause. I didn't realize this might be a complicater until I loaded my Indigo site up in a browser and got the login prompt. Mike
  7. Hi Mike, Cool idea. I use Indigo too. I grabbed your workflow and am having trouble getting started with it. When I keyword "indigo" in Alfred, your workflow shows up, but I can't seem to select it. Alfred always jumps to the Indigo app whether I hit return on your workflow. I changed the name of your workflow to "blah" and tried keying in "blah" and the workflow shows up for a second with the "please wait... querying" message, but then dissapears and sets me to default search mode. Being a new Alfred user, I'm unsure if this is related to Alfred itself or the workflow (or my in
  8. I manage a bunch of hosts via ARD and used to use Quicksilver to quickly establish connections to them. It was great. At some point that stopped working and I migrated to Launchbar (and then back to Quicksilver and then back to Launchbar). The developers of LB said there was little interest in such a feature, but they'd keep it in mind. It never materialized. Having seen someone had restored this long lost functionality in Alfred 2 made my decision to purchase it easy! Thanks for working this up. From my limited use so far, it has worked great. I'm enjoying it. I have had my d
  9. Hi and thanks for creating and sharing this workflow! I still find it surprising Firefox bookmark indexing functionality isn't native, but I digress. I can't seem to get this workflow to work. When I activate it with "ff", it does come up and says "Search Firefox Bookmarks", but any further typing results in an instant flip to the Alfred built-in default searches. Any hints or ideas? I'm using FF 20.0. and OS X 10.8.3. Thanks, Mike
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