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  1. Hello Thanks for trying to solve it. Unfortunately I tried the new download but I am still getting the problem. best, Dionysis
  2. Hi there Thanks for the workflow. It is great! One of the things I am using it for is to send a URL to safari and then cmd-D to save the bookmark. I keep my bookmarks in safari so that they sync using iCloud but prefer to use chrome on the mac because of Vimium. My question is: is there a way to send the URL directly to safari bookmarks so that I do not have to go through the extra step of sending it to Safari? best, Dionysis
  3. Hey (again) Just a little detail. When starting the workflow from an empty page (for example a new email) it will bring in the editor the last thing on the clipboard. best, Dionysis
  4. Simply brilliant Man you are really fast!! Thank you so much. I was missing QuickCursor like crazy. I will update you if anything else crops up. Thanks again!!!!! Dionysis
  5. Hey Thank you so much for taking the time to implement this!! It works!! I am still getting a bit inconsistent behavior though. I think it happens only when I try to use the hot key to start the procedure. The hot key to paste the result works every time. Here is a video of what is happening. Hope it is clear. If not let me know! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3421860/edit%20with%20tests.mov
  6. Hey Thank you for making this. As a former user of quickcursor I find this extremely useful!! I have a couple of issues/requests though if you find them relevant. 1) When I do ew and press enter I do not get a list of editors. Am I supposed to? At the moment I have to press space and type my editor (MacVim). 2) If I try to do select and send a second time it does not always work. I will have to experiment with this one a bit more to give more details. 3) With quick cursor the whole current text would be automatically selected if there was not a selection already. I find that thi
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