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    dathin reacted to Andrew in Learning Issues   
    Alfred has two ways of learning, overall knowledge of usage and latching. Latching allows specific typed keywords to be attached to the actioned result allowing for quicker relearning of selected results. This is why the youtube keyword [placeholder] wouldn't latch as you never actually action the 'youtube' keyword for the typed phrase 'youtube', it is always e.g. 'youtube car'.
    That's why we recommend just typing through your query instead of waiting for youtube to come to the top. As soon as you start typing the subsequent search term, the youtube search will be at the top anyway.
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    dathin reacted to jdfwarrior in Spotlight Comments on folder not showing up   
    This may have been an issue of the metadata needing to be updated and when you added the scope back, it updated. Unsure. Keep a watch on it and let us know if it happens again as this definitely shouldn't be happening and may just be something simple.
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    dathin reacted to Carlos-Sz in Edit with… 4.0 for Alfred 3: A QuickCursor alternative   
    I think it’s this: link

    Awesome video! I was testing using only keywords and now I was able to reproduce the issue.
    Please try this version: download now
    In addition, now the workflow will list the last used application right after you type the keyword ew making things a lot faster…
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    dathin reacted to Carlos-Sz in Edit with… 4.0 for Alfred 3: A QuickCursor alternative   
    1) right now the workflow only uses Alfred internal feature to list applications but I’ll think in a way to make things easier when the user has already selected an application before.
    2) the workflow uses a combination of keystrokes so maybe it’s just a matter of timing e.g. after hitting the paste back command let the keyboard free, without any typing and so on.
    3) I couldn't find a way, using AppleScript, to do it. But I’ll make more tests ASAP.
    Thank you for your feedback!
    RIght now the workflow uses a generic formula to open a document. In fact, due some restrictions and even bugs I’ve found in some text editors regarding opening a document by using AppleScript, the workflow creates a new document and send a generic system (shell) open document that should be handled by the editor. In this case, maybe there is a way to set Sublime to open a new document in a tab instead of a new window. I’ll see what can be done.Thank you for your feedback!
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