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  1. I cannot paste or expanse even after trying https://www.alfredapp.com/help/troubleshooting/snippets/#secure-input I looked into it and found I have Alfred 4 installed even I upgraded to Alfred 5. After deleting Alfred 4 and click "-" in "System - Privacy - Accessibility" and add Alfred 5, it works again.
  2. Alfred CorrectSpelling Workflow 
 CorrectSpelling checks and corrects spelling in English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian. How to use it Select and Tap Select a word or sentence Press the shortcut you set Then the spelling would be corrected and replaced. Download | Source | Error Report Special thanks to @vitor. I will try my best to make this workflow easy to use and be stable.
  3. It's really a heartwarming community, and I will try my best to contribute more to it.
  4. It helps you to find and copy SSH public key by just typing a few letters. How to use When you are selecting a public key Press Enter: copy the public key to the clipboard. Command(⌘) + Enter: generate shell script that helps you with generating ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file. Download Github | Packal
  5. Hi, I apologize for the information that may cause misunderstanding. I've sent a PR now, and I'm considering opening the source code of the API app too, but I haven't decided yet. So I kept my repo but renamed it to CorrectSpelling. I have also made some declarations in the repo page: This spelling correction plugin for Alfred is created by @vitorgalvao and named CheckSpelling. CorrectSpelling is an unofficial fix of CheckSpelling, and CorrectSpelling is now maintained by @oldcai. I hope that would be proper. Best regards, oldcai (Albert Tsai)
  6. I've built an API for this and fixed the CheckSpelling workflow. I can be the new maintainer of this plugin or request a PR to your repo.
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