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  1. Great stuff @dfay! Note that it's not necessary to hardcode in hacks for these apps that now support Dark Mode natively: * Things 3.7 * OmniFocus 3.1 * TaskPaper 3.8 * HazeOver 1.8 * Ulysses 14 Hopefully all other apps worth their salt ASAP! However, I must say conflicting times, and I personally want on a per app basis, the abililty to control Dark Mode theme support. So I may be returning to your script enhancements to override the other way soon!
  2. Just catching up on some of the past variations on here. @RodgerWW's Yosemite Dark Mode Toggle (With Alfred Theme Toggle) was ahead of it's time and your enhancement suggestions for other apps were inspired @dfay! I would consider incorporating some of these but keen on the permanent solution of the app's themselves being responsible for supporting Dark Mode I hope Bear and Alfred itself is to follow with updates soon! And please leave in the option to always use a dark theme regardless of Dark Mode as I have personally favoured dark theme in some apps for many years.
  3. Thanks for bringing to my attention! I still find Packal my go to repository first as a forum makes for a painful vehicle to host and find scripts. Actually there's a 4 year old workflow by Steve over there that was identified as for Yosemite. I've just made this a 1.1 iteration on his work rather than creating something totally redundant. Forked on GitHub.
  4. A simple one-liner terminal script that toggles Dark Mode/LIght Mode on/off if you are using MacOS 10.10+ Of course it has far more impact with Mojave! Triggers (customise as you see fit): Keyword: dark Hotkey: CTRL+OPTION+\ UPDATE 1.1 ( Packal | GitHub ) P.S. I failed to realise until after I already had a couple revisions going on Packal.org that there was already a couple similar efforts posted here. For what it's worth, perhaps the simplicity of this is useful to someone. P.P.S. Yes, I've since learned the 4 year old workflow by Stev
  5. Hi Carlos - Brilliant effort here, I so miss QuickCursor I can confirm that all your last fixes: cursor at end of line selecting all text if none selected not using clipboard if document blank totally work fine for me too. Thanks so much!! Oh and for anyone else that may have a similar issue to me not finding my text editor of choice (Sublime Text), if you have any apps in your home Applications folder you need to edit the: ew File Filter part of the Workflow to include search in: ~/Applications [Not sure if that's worth just adding to the script or not Carlos?]
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