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  1. Hi I think there is a bug in Mojave and some users have been affected by this. I have been talking to Apple Support and I hope they can fix it. If I add using the + key in the Accessibility or Full disk access - both list boxes disappear until you reboot. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/8568392 Thanks Andrew
  2. Hi Thanks. All working now. Thanks Andrew
  3. Hi Great! Only problem is one of my accounts is not an email address. When I add that as an account, the workflow says it isn't an email address and does not proceed. Any way around it?? Thanks Andrew
  4. Hi All It is easy to lock the computer using Alfred using the Remote. However, I want to be able to unlock the computer (with a password) from the Remote so I can use spotify etc from the remote. I don't want to have to go to the computer and unlock! Is there a way?? Thanks Andrew
  5. Hi Vitor I got this to work on YouTube - yippee!! Thanks. Will this work on any page where there is a video, flv file etc? Thanks Andrew
  6. Hi I just can't get this to work. For some reason, despite being the administrator, when I run the terminal command to install youtube-dl, it prompts me for a password. I put in my admin password but it does not let me go further as it says it is the wrong password! I then copied the file http://youtube-dl.org/downloads/2013.04.22/youtube-dl to my usr/bin folder but it is a document and not an unix file. I realise that the workflow won't work without the file so I am stuck. Can you help please??? Thanks Andrew
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