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  1. Can I get some tips on how would I create a workflow that will https://github.com/my_org/my_repo/compare/start_sha...end_sha I'd like my_org to be fixed or from a list to autocomplete. The same for my_repo. And then I'd like to capture shart_sha and end_sha. And then open up chrome with this URL. Any tips on how to do this?
  2. Yes, hot key to launch app: /System/Library/CoreServices/Finder.app
  3. I used to be able to use double tap command key. However, I have cmd-option-right arrow bound to the right tilt of my logitech mouse for next tab in Chrome. When I press that rapidly, the alfred window comes up. If I change the alfred mapping to double tap option, then everything is OK. However, I'd rather use double tap command.
  4. I absolutely love the Switch to Tab extension for Chrome, as I often have many chrome windows and many tabs. It works like this: 1. Switch app focus to Chrome. 2. Hit Cmd-L to put cursor in omnibox. 3. Type "sw[space]" 4. Type string to match on tab, and I can them pick among matches by tab name or URL. How easy would it be to make an Alfred extension to: 1. Hit custom hotkey. 2. Type search string. 3. See matches in alfred (or in a new chrome tab but that is less optimal), as chrome might not be on current desktop. 4. Arrow down to match.
  5. I'm looking to create a workflow that toggles my computer between these two settings (screencasting on laptop screen). Setting A 1. Display of time turned off 2. Menu bar on laptop screen Setting B 1. Display of time turned on 2. Menu bar on cinema screen Any advice?
  6. Works, but I'd like the terminal command to run in the same terminal. I'm simply trying to make an action called "ogen" that runs a bash function "ogen". (octopress generation). Any way to have this always run in one window?
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