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  1. Thanks for the explanation, thought it might have something to do with the OS. Weird how OS X allows slashes in file names then, unlike colons. (In case you’re wondering why I was using slashes in the first place, I was saving webpages into folders like “alfredforum.com” (maybe also something I shouldn’t do?) and I’d then press return and copy the url of the folder if I wanted to visit that website. OS X would only automatically select e.g. “alfredforum” though, and I noticed that putting a slash at the end would cause the complete “alfredforum.com/” to be selected. But yeah, it always felt a bit hacky.)
  2. I noticed that Alfred’s “Move To” action doesn’t work if the destination folder ends with a / It does work if the slash is in the beginning or somewhere in the middle. Alfred 2.8.3, Mac OS X 10.11.4
  3. It’s this one: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/3432-open-file-or-folder-in-a-new-finder-tab-workflow/
  4. Still hoping for this – maybe in Alfred 3? I’m currently using a file action workflow for this which works well and is fast enough for me, but it’d be nicer if it were an inbuilt option / if you could set the workflow as being applied automatically when you open a folder so you don’t have to press tab and select the workflow.
  5. Thank you for the reply! »Action all visible results« only processes the 9 visible items. Is there a way to process all results regardless of visibility? Also, using »Action all visible results», Alfred opens the files differently than the Finder: one after the other instead of as a whole, it seems. For example, using Preview, images each open in a new window instead of in one window as part of a collection.
  6. It’s cool that Alfred now has native support for Mavericks tags. Is there a way to open all search results at once, not just the visible ones? (Scenario: tagging music with Mavericks tags and opening all results of e.g. "jazz" and "fast" with a player other than iTunes.)
  7. If I’m not completely daft, I remember that Alfred v1 showed a different icon for ‘smart’ playlists in the iTunes controller. It’d be nice to have it back : )
  8. It'd be cool to have the complete definitions of words viewable, and in larger text… maybe by selecting the desired result first so the selection doesn't get cluttered. That way looking up words would be more self-contained and you wouldn't have to launch the dictionary app to get the whole text.
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