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  1. I see. But, it will be no problem (for me) avoiding the special characters until there is a fix for it. The most interesting thing for this workflow, as i mentioned, would be the ability to add new pages. Haven't had any chance to play around with it this weekend, but maybe i'll come up with other good improvements this week.
  2. Okay, sounds good. I will be translating them into Norwegian. Out alphabet consists of a-z, and the three "unusual" letters: Æ æ, Ø ø and Å, å. Those letters may break the code i guess.
  3. David, this is brilliant! I works just as i imagined it should work, and i know it will save me alot of time. Great! I have three requests/improvements i want to suggest: 1. Could "wpdelete {query}" be added to remove sites from the db? 2. Could i add new wordpress pages easily somehow? We have alot of default plugins and default pages which i would like to access (example: /contact-us/) 3. How can i change the name of the wordpress pages to my language? Now they are called Home, Posts, Pages, Apperance etc. Thank you for this!
  4. Hey. Hope you had a good vacation! I'm just bumping this to remind you. Anders
  5. I have looked at the workflow (which is brilliant btw, i'll be using it from now on), but i know to little PHP to manage the task. I'll just have to wait and see if anyone makes something similar and take it from there.
  6. Yes, that makes perfect sense – and thanks for answering. That is quite how i imagined it in my head. My only problem is making this happen. I have no experience in coding things like this. I have touched only PHP, in regards to building wordpress themes, but that won't get me far. Do you have any directions you could point me in, which could result in this workflow beeing built?
  7. Hello, I spend my days building and administrating Wordpress websites for companies. Today i am administrating over 100 sites, and it is getting more every day. My request for a workflow is quicker access to different admin-areas in wordpress of the sites. Lets say i have these three sites: www.coolpage1.com www.coolpage2.com www.coolpage3.com All of the sites admin-area can be accessed by adding "/wp-admin" at the end of the url. Today i use the custom search that is built into Alfred with the {query}. For example i write the keyword "admin" followed by "coolpage2". This works fine for opening www.coolpage2.com/wp-admin. The problem with this method for me though is: 1. Its is a slow process to add all the 100 sites in the custom search 2. I need to complete the looong query "coolpage2" (i would like it to autocomplete). 3. I would like to easily add shortcuts to other areas of the Wordpress Dashboard, not just /wp-admin. I would want to easily bring up "new post", "widgets", "menus" and more (which always has the same url-endings on every page), but custom search forces me to repeat the process thousands of times. So could i make a script that could do the following: 1. Enter a keyword ("wg" for widgets, "wm" for menus, "wn" for new post and so forth) 2. Start typing a query that autocompletes based on an overview of sites ("coolpage1", "coolpage2", "coolpage3") and open the correct URL based on keyword and query 3. Add a new sites quickly and easily to the "autocomplete-database" by typing keyword "addpage" followed by "coolpage4" I have no idea how to do this, but it would speed up my workday alot! Anyone able to help me with this? Anders
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