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  1. Whenever I try to use Alfred to search for a filename, as soon as I enter the "dot" before the extension, Alfred will only search the web. How do I prevent this and search the file system for a name including the dot?
  2. Thanks for you quick response. There have been a lot of other responses, and I will respond to each of them. I changed the names as suggested and it works to find the folders now. So as you suspected, the problem is more a tactical issue than a flaw. Namely, since Spotlight segregates by type, the folders show up in the "Folders" sections, whereas in Alfred, even with 40 items displayed, the lack of prioritization prevents them from showing up. I may just keep a special name for the folders for now. My feeling is that if the limit of 40 were not present, then after finding something ve
  3. I was not "following this topic" so did not see responses. I checking my settings and I don't see anything about "automatically follow topics I create" or the like, and did not realize that was not a default condition. So now I am following this topic. I just did the deep reindexing according to the instructions. It does not seem to help. I also posted the above information to another topic on the same subject that I started on May 13. I suggest that the two topics be combined if possible. In any case, when I use Spotlight, I see the following, even after performing the deep reinde
  4. While I have used Alfred for several months, and I really would like to like it, and buy the PowerPack, I just cannot get over the fact that it does not find things. Spotlight finds them easily. I thought Alfred should find anything Spotlight can. For Extras, I now have Folders, Archives, Text Files, and Documents. I have "Include folders in Home" checked. The common example is searching on "Amex". Spotlight returns the two folders I have that start with "Amex". Alfred does not return them at all. Just a whole bunch of documents starting with "Amex". I'd love to resolve this an
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