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  1. fncll

    TextSoap cleaners on the Clipboard

    Any chance that you'll publish the updated Alfred 3 workflow? Thanks!
  2. I can no longer find active download links for this workflow...is it defunct? If so, suggestions for another workflow? I found a good one for searching, but it has no features for adding links.
  3. fncll

    Evernote Workflow 9 beta 3

    Same setup and this is happening *sometimes* to me as well.
  4. I can't figure out how to get the workflow to see my editor (MacVim, installed in /usr/local/Cellar/macvim/7.4-73, which has been added to the search scope in Alfred prefs). If I just invoke Alfred and start typing macvim or vim I can launch macvim just fine. But when I use editwith I get options for many applications but not macvim?
  5. fncll

    YOURLS URL shortening

    Is there a working link to this script? I am looking for some code to shorten a link using Applescript and YOURLs...
  6. fncll

    Evernote Workflow 9 beta 3

    I didn't realize prepending wasn't supported by EN! I would only be using such a feature for plain text notes.
  7. fncll

    Evernote Workflow 9 beta 3

    A feature suggestion: could you add the ability to prepend to a note? I most often add things to evernote from Alfred where I want the most recent on top... I'm using a KM script for this right now, but it would be great to use Alfred!
  8. This workflow is AWESOME. I use the conversions for cooking and kitchen work dozens of times per day!
  9. This is a great workflow! But the unit conversions I need most are for cooking: teaspoons, tablespoons, cupts, quarts, pints... any chance you could have some of those in there?
  10. How can I assign a hotkey to an existing workflow? What I mean is, I have a pocket workflow that takes an argument of a URL and drops it into pocket. I'd like to be able to highlight a URL, press the hotkey, and have it drop that URL into pocket using (I think this is what I want!) the existing workflow.
  11. fncll

    Clipboard "Actions"

    How difficult is it to create a workflow that wouyld allow me to search and select from the clipboard history and then perform the specified action? The nice thing about the other method was that the action was abstract and could be performed on any history item. I'm assuming it can be done, but it doesn't look easy (to me). I'll have to dig around in it. I still think it would be nice to have an actions option built into the clipboard
  12. Another feature I miss from ClipMenu: the ability to define custom actions. In ClipMenu I could use Javascript---and perhaps different languages, I never tried---to manipulate a snippet before posting. For example, I had actions to convert a snippet to a comma separate list, to convert case, etc. When pasting with a specific keypress or key/mouse combo I could select the action to be performed on the text before it was pasted. That would be great to have in Alfred! c
  13. I used ClipMenu for years and one option I sorely miss is one that sets the clipboard so that, when pasting, the order of the clipboard entries isn't change to move the most recently pasted to the top!
  14. I agree...this would be a very useful addition to Alfred!
  15. It would not only be nice if Alfred had a native way to index Firefox bookmarks, but if there were some way to index/use bookmark keywords. I know I can recreate the functionality by creating a custom search URL that is really just a link with the bookmark keyword as the custom search keyword, but it would be great to access the keyword without recreating scores of bookmark shortcuts!