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  1. Hi kevindosi, I'm sorry to hear. I wrote "use at own risk" because this script/workflow hasn't any security in this way. The script will erase everything besides .mkv, .avi and .srt files (or if you type in your own) in your current finder folder. You can probably get them back with advanced hardisk tools. Sorry
  2. Updated this workflow to work with Mavericks. See first post for download and changes.
  3. Hi avk_tp, Your error lies in this line: set properties of the top right screen corner to {activity:mission control, modifiers:{}} The hot-corner-activity cannot have the state 'mission control' - that's only the label you see in the System Preferences GUI. The correct state to get the 'mission control' is: set properties of the top right screen corner to {activity:all windows, modifiers:{}} 'all windows' gets you 'mission control'. This is the code you pasted, but corrected: set properties of the top left screen corner to {activity:none, modifiers:{}} set properties of the top right screen corner to {activity:all windows, modifiers:{}} set properties of the bottom left screen corner to {activity:application windows, modifiers:{}} set properties of the bottom right screen corner to {activity:show desktop, modifiers:{}} Enjoy!
  4. Hi avk_tp, You need to set the activity of the corner where you want Launchpad to: set properties of the Y X screen corner to {activity:«constant ****lpad», modifiers:{}} The reason the others didn't work is probably because it crashed when you tried setting the activity to 'launchpad', which does not work. If you have more trouble or questions, feel free to ask.
  5. This is a workflow that uses keyword: 'hc'. It will enable/disable your Hot Corners preference as a toggle. Important Note You will need to change the script in two ways Change values in the theSavedValues so that it will set up as your own choice of Hot Corners. Change to your language on click button "Aktiva hörn…" to for example click button "Hot Corners…" I use it for fullscreen gaming. I have only put the workflow together, the script was made by Pierre L. at https://discussions.apple.com/message/23824901#23824901. Download Near future improvements Only one script, that toggles on and off depending on current state. Done in the second version. 2013-07-22 First version uploaded. 2013-12-02 Second version uploaded. Compatible with OS X Mavericks Now works as a toggle instead off on and off.
  6. I'll start use it from now, thanks! I like what you did with v2.
  7. Simple workflow that will tidy up your current Finder folder but leave files with name extension MKV, AVI and SRT. If you'd like it to filter differently just edit script file. I use it to erase all unwanted files after unpacking a movie or TV-show. You should know that this is my first Alfred workflow, use at own risk. Please post helpful comments. Download Near future improvements Multi-folder selection. 2013-05-17 First version uploaded.
  8. Thanks poritsky! Idea for the future: Close AppCleaner.app when the input application has been removed.
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