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  1. Gday, I'm having no search results from this workflow, Id love to be! alfred could just be quicker than that missing search function in U3 anyhow! The experienced guys are getting results from search scope stuff, could this be my hassle? Could you help me through this? thanks in advance.. Scratch the call for help, I got there, if slowly. THANKS!
  2. Mate, thankyou. the note, text via alf into dtpo and its see-also, just brilliant results! been wanting to get notes in faster for ages.
  3. Anyone else using theBrain? would love to see a search for a 'thought' and attach a simple note, much like the devonthink note workflow. theBrain plex is cumbersome for quick entries to existing thoughts (as is devonthink until recently! thanks dan.) I'm novice at manipulating script and workflows, but great at getting my jobs in on time, and a workflow support for the brain would certainly be appreciated by many. apologies for asking without being able to do much giving.. cheers!
  4. Well, I understand visual minimalism, and I get common usage of hotkeys working their way into your brain and muscle memory, but I wonder, those workflows that we all use occaisionally - damn it! I forgot the keyword.... How about a preference to enable the workflow keywords as a desktop overlay on hitting the alfred launch? or even a change in the text color within the albert input field as workflow keyword string possibilities are entered??? as more workflows are made and modified, the onus upon the memory to remember multiple keywords per workflow is bound to get a bit heavy!
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