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  1. This is not what I want. I want to assign tags to the search results in Alfred
  2. I find it hard to believe that Alfred cannot assign Finder tags to selected files (file action). The official guide tells me to go get info: that is terrible: why do I need Alfred if I have to go that route?
  3. Thanks for explaining the difference between unmounting and ejecting. How about making the workflow for unmounted drives? Even a more complete workflow to both mount and unmount drives. When the user writes unmount on Alfrid she will have a list of all the mounted drives to unmount.
  4. I like the eject (all) feature in Alfred (I am not sure if it is part of Alfred or a workflow; has been using it for ages now.) I was wondering if there is a workflow to remount the unmounted (ejected) derived. I already found some kind of apple script: , also similar here https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/125854/remount-drive-without-physically-disconnecting Can you guys make a nice workflow to remount unmounted drives? It will take me long time to make it real since I have no experience in scripts.
  5. I was hopping if this workflow would be useful. But, I find it useless for it is re-shuffling the order of the annotations. The annotations are supposed to appear in their original order.
  6. I am getting a result like /Users/~/Library/Caches/Metadata/edu.ucsd.cs.mmccrack.bibdesk/Yimam2006.bdskcache when I try to copy
  7. Sorry, I am new to Alfred. I don't get how the modifier keys work. What I am looking for is to get be able to copy just the citetation key of the associated reference and paste it to my document. I am able to search the references. I am getting results. But, I don't understand how can I copy just the citation key. Can sb explain please?
  8. Thank you Maciej. It is working now. the problem was how I make the selection in Afred. What have you changed in the new version? the earlier version (1.1) was hiding the extension; sth that I like. the new version seems to include the file extension. I will stick with the older version for now. I am using it to develop a rather more advanced workflow using Keyboard Maestro for citing references inside a MultimMarkdown document. Great workflow, thank you guys Cheers
  9. Well, that misses the whole point of simplicity and speed. isn't there a way to hit the hotkeys without leaving Alfred? thanks for the fast reply, by the way.
  10. I am constantly using this workflow as File action and I love it. But, for some reason, the hotkey is not working for me. Did I missed sth? What I am doing is 1. search a file in Afred 2. select the file and inside Alfred itself and 3. hit the hotkey (CTR+Shit+CMD, in my case) without leaving Afred. But, the file name is not being copied.
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