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  1. When a new Alfred update comes out, the application wants to prompt the user that a new version is out which is understandable (unless a UI-less auto-update feature is added, but this is an entirely different matter). The process tends to always be something like this though: I am working on my computer and all of a sudden Alfred steals focus from the application I'm using just to alert me a new update is out. So I decide to download the update. Now it brings up a change log window. Already frustrated enough, I just ignore it. I never read any of the changes anyway - I possibly would be more interested if it was inlined like any app using Sparkle though for instance, but that's not the case here. Once the download is finished, I tell Alfred to restart, because I want to go back to my work and be done with it -- but it now shows the Preferences window (General tab) for me that I have to manually and immediately dismiss - and I have no clue why it even does this since it wasn't open before the app terminated. Alfred is a good app otherwise for me, but I think this experience is something that should not be overlooked. I'm on Alfred v2.6 now and have the power pack license.
  2. Doing this and using "reload" seems to have made things work correctly for me again.
  3. I installed 2.04 pre-release, cleared cache, re-did spotlight indexing, used reload command, and restarted computer. It still couldn't find some applications in /Applications like Notes and Google Chrome. After maybe a minute or so after typing reload though, it started to find those two but there were still other apps it couldn't find like DashBoard. I tried executing reload again, now Alfred can't seem to find Notes and Google Chrome anymore.
  4. I'm running into a similar issue. I'm also on 10.8 (on a beta seed to be exact) and running on 2.0.3. There are some applications that Alfred cannot find in /Applications such as Transmit, Notes, Calendar.. This seems to be somewhat random. I've tried rebuilding OS X metadata and cleared Alfred's cache, and also the "reload" command suggested above, but it doesn't fix the problem. Spotlight can find these apps just fine. Oddly enough, after relaunching Alfred, it can find Transmit but still can't find Notes or Calendar. I found a few error messages in Console.app generated from Alfred 2, where an exception is raised. These messages occurred several times yesterday. I'm not sure if this is related to the problem at hand, but it's probably worth mentioning:
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