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  1. Although not perfect, I've written a small helper to add all `node_modules` folders to Spotlight ignore list. https://github.com/Strajk/setup/blob/master/programs/prevent-spotlight-from-indexing-node-modules.js (But I'm still hoping for better solution)
  2. Since Googling "alfred snippets stopped working" leads here, I'll post here my 2 cents If you are using Keyboard Maestro, try quitting it and check if it solves the Alfred snippets expansion problem. If it does, then you "just" need to find which Macro breaks it and adjust it. (For me, it was a macro hijacking cmd+v in specific app)
  3. Awesome!!! This tip should be propagated more!
  4. IMHO documentation for snippets should be easier to find...
  5. Adding multiple snippets can get really tedious, would be awesome if I can prepare them in some text editor and that just import them... Is there any way to do this? name, keyword, content "any" ,"Pan", "PropTypes.any" "array" ,"Parr", "PropTypes.array" "arrayOf" ,"Paro", "PropTypes.arrayOf()" "bool" ,"Pbo", "PropTypes.bool" "element" ,"Pel", "PropTypes.element" "func" ,"Pfn", "PropTypes.func" "instanceOf" ,"Pio", "PropTypes.instanceOf()" "node" ,"Pno", "PropTypes.node" "number" ,"Pnu", "PropTypes.number" "object" ,"Pobj", "PropTypes.object" "objectOf" ,"Pobo", "PropTypes.objectOf()" "oneOf" ,"Poo", "PropTypes.oneOf([])" "oneOfType" ,"Pot", "PropTypes.oneOfType" "shape" ,"Psh", "PropTypes.shape({})" "string" ,"Pst", "PropTypes.string"
  6. Different solution for same problem would be cursors http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/9009-allow-cursor-placement-in-snippet-expansion/
  7. Mainly * abbreviation prefix * enabled in * autoexpand Example from aText
  8. + 1000 You can also check Live templates in JetBrains products (e.g. Webstorm) for reference
  9. Simple, but practical idea... if you install iTerm via `brew cask` you need to modify path to the app
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