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  1. Here's a post about how to create Chrome Application shortcut in OSX http://lifehacker.com/5611711/create-application-shortcuts-in-google-chrome-for-mac-with-a-shell-script I created one such shortcut and put it in Applications folder. The application can be launched by Alfred normally but when this short cut is running, I cannot start Chrome through Alfred anymore. Please improve to better support this feature. I'm not sure when this feature will come to Chrome for OS X but eventually it will. People won't be happy if Alfred cannot tell the difference between the application shortcut and Chrome itself.
  2. It's still a valid XML document. And I think Alfred should just strip the string so it can be displayed correctly. The `minidom` library in Python behaves differently in 2.6 and 2.7. These extra new line will be added if use the `toprettyxml` function of minidom in Python2.6.
  3. So currently the ScriptFilter or the Script both needs to be triggered by Enter Is it possible this can be triggered in near-realtime? Something like this: > demo1<space> Please enter your Firstname > demo1 MyFirstName<space> Please enter your Lastname > demo1 MyFirstName MyLastName<space> Now I've got all information I need, press ENTER to trigger a notification If <space> is not a good idea to trigger the script, <tab> should be a good choice.
  4. <?xml version="1.0"?> <items> <item uid="rdioartist" arg="r96664" valid="yes" autocomplete="Incubus"> <title> Incubus </title> <subtitle>Artist</subtitle> <icon>rdio-artist.png</icon> </item> <item uid="albumart" arg="/Users/user/Documents/album.jpg" type="file"> <title>Incubus Album Art</title> <subtitle>Album Art for Science</subtitle> <icon type="filetype">public.jpeg</icon> </item> </items> Seems like Alfred2 doesn't handle newline characters correctly. This XML docunement will get one of the title empty. Please confirm.
  5. I'll use `git` as an example. When I input `git` in alfred, I expected alfred can give all it's submodule names (like `clone`, `info`, `commit`) as available choices. Then I can keep typing `c`, Alfred keeps telling me there's "clone" and "commit" are available. (image how bash completion works) After I typed "git commit" in Alfred, it then will tell me the exact message for that keyword. Ideally all the second-phase keyword can be generated by script on the fly. But if it's not possible, just hardcode the second-phase keyword is acceptable. So, is this already available in Alfred?
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