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  1. Ah. Well, I was unaware there was a way to do this in Alfred, so I've learned my new thing for the day.
  2. This is very simple to do with Keyboard Maestro. All you'd need to do is tell Keyboard Maestro that when you press the secondary keystroke to send the primary keystroke.
  3. Setapp is still able to insert itself into the Favorites in Finder, although I'm not sure how they are doing it.
  4. It’s good on all of your Macs
  5. I’ll echo this. I use Resilio Sync (which is a terrible name, but that’s beside the point) and it works very well. I use that to sync folders outside of Dropbox. One of the nice things is you can setup separate folders. For example, I sync /usr/local/scripts/ and ~/txt/ and ~/Downloads/ between my Macs, but my ‘scripts’ and ‘txt’ folders will continue to sync quickly even if ~/Downloads/ is syncing large files. Often times, Dropbox syncing a large file can prevent other files from syncing quickly. You can also use a “Selective Sync” which means you can see the files locally but only choose to sync specific files if you want them locally.
  6. I had actually done that with a similar utility that I use in Terminal, but found that I preferred having an actual temporary file to BBEdit's "sort of / kind of" temporary file. It also means that if I find that I want to retrieve something from a recently-closed temp file, I can usually find it. But it's good to have options.
  7. Someone just asked for this because the previous link is dead (I'm the worst). So here's a current link: https://files.luo.ma/alfred/bbpaste.alfredworkflow
  8. AHA! Now I get it. Resetting the 'scope' back to the default did the trick. Many thanks. I hadn't even noticed that those were different.
  9. Ok but how is it working on one computer and not the other?
  10. I have a Safari bookmark which begins with "TQ". When I launch Alfred and type "TQ" I expected that this bookmark would be one of the ones that I see. That works on my MacBook, but not on my Mac mini. Here are my preferences, which are sync'd between the two computers: http://images.luo.ma/alfred/tq/Preferences.png Here's what I see, on my Mac mini compared to my MacBook http://images.luo.ma/alfred/tq/tq-compared.png Any ideas why this is happening, and (more importantly) how I can fix it? Thanks
  11. I often cut/copy a bunch of text, then switch to BBEdit, then create a new document, then paste the text. I realized today that this is stupid and inefficient, when all I really need to do it pbpaste | bbedit so I created an Alfred workflow that does just that. http://share.luo.ma/alfred/bbpaste.alfredworkflow Note: To use this you'll need BBEdit installed, obviously, but also the bbedit command line tool. If you purchased BBEdit from the Mac App Store, you will have to download and install them from here: http://www.barebones.com/support/bbedit/cmd-line-tools.html
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