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  1. Hi Colper. I am sorry, I cannot recall what the fix was or if it simply started working again one day. Sorry.
  2. Oh and the date string is based on your OS settings so in my case it is a German one, but will be a proper English one on a US or UK setting.
  3. I created this little workflow a while back and thought somebody else might find it useful. The workflow will grab all tabs from the frontmost Safari window, format them into a Markdown list and copy the list to the clipboard for further use. The list is formatted like this: # URL List from Safari Tabs | Dienstag, 14. Juni 2016 um 12:34:42 * [Alfred App Community Forum](http://www.alfredforum.com/index.php) * [Posting New Topic - Alfred App Community Forum](http://www.alfredforum.com/index.php?app=forums&module=post&section=post&do=new_post&f=3) The code is based on an AppleScript I found somewhere. Sadly I don't know where anymore so I cannot give proper credit. Download
  4. Btw. I am sorry, I just reread my posts and I came across as a bit grumpy. Lack of sleep. The issue is a bit annoying though. It was working before. In fact, it was working so well that I decided to switch from Launchbar and invest into a Mega Supporter license a day after I tried out Alfred a few weeks back. It would be a pity if that nice piece of software now becomes useless due to slowness to me.
  5. I did that already as well. As I said, all those are temporary solutions at best and sometimes even those don't work for long and it worked before.
  6. I have the same problem. I already rebuilt the Spotlight cache and did a reload and all the other fairy dust things that get recommended. However, they are only temporary fixes or don't work at all, depending on today's weather or some other unknown variable. Spotlight finds my items immediately, Launchbar finds my items immediately, Alfred 2 worked perfect until maybe two weeks ago (I don't have a good event log, but I'd wager that problems started with the newest version). Now, while I can resort to rebuilding my Spotlight cache, it may or may not help and if I have to do that every day then Alfred starts to look not as attractive anymore. Also, restarting is often not possible as this machine is running complex multi-day calculations frequently.
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