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  1. I actually signed up in spotify but I probably made a mistake because I did it again and now it's working perfectly ! Thanks for your time
  2. Yes I already checked that, at first I had only a symbolic link to the folder that was in the workflow folder. So I tried to copy the folder in the spotify folder but this didn't change anything... Thanks for your help anyway !
  3. Hi, This sounds like a very good workflow but I get a problem when making it working... I followed the steps you were mentioning : - create developer account on spotify - uninstall current version of spotify and install a fresh new one - tap "spot_mini" and click on the 2nd output. But when I do that, I have the following on Spotify : I then tried to restart Spotify, to reconnect and even to re-install again, but it is always displaying the same error... Do you know a way to make it work ? Thanks, Axel
  4. Hi there, I'm posting here because I find this workflow very interesting, but I'm using SRWare Iron instead of Chrome. So I modified it to make it work with Iron too, and you can see my workflow on this topic. I also noticed the problem when you have no window opened in Chrome so I changed the script in my workflow to solve this problem. I invite you, Subject22, to use my modified script to solve this problem in your workflow as well if you think it's a better solution . Thanks Axel
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