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  1. Is this keyboard combination ALT-CMD-dash implemented by Alfred, and if yes, where ? When pressing ALT-CMD-dash it looks like this: / with best regards, Omar K Neusser, Stockholm, Sweden
  2. They are 2 static urls, no keywords. The Alfred macro (hotkey trigger) opens first url1 in Safari, then it opens url2 in a new tab. The intent is to have them side-by-side. Maybe it would be enough to have 1 command of some sorts, so as to open url2 in a new Safari *window* and positioning it to the right half of the desktop. I have this script, but with Safari Tabs I don't know: tell application "Safari" to set bounds of front window to {150, 25, 1368, 1299} / Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! With best regards, Omar KN
  3. Yes, exactly - two Safari windows, each on one half of the screen!
  4. Hi and good day, How can I position 2 (Safari) webpages, LEFT and the other RIGHT after my ALFRED OPEN URL macro, where I call 2 urls, and I want them side by side. I guess it could also be done with an AppleScript positioner script after launching the pages?! / with best regards, Omar K N Stockholm, Sweden
  5. Hi and good day, When I try to enter a trigger, such as SH- CTRL- some number, Alfred doesn't accept anything (field remains empty), but if I use other combinations, such as CTRL ALT CMT nnnn, then it works. Why not SH- CTRL- some number ? Regards, Omar KN
  6. Thank you @politicus for the link, however all I see there is about case conversion, not dashes for spaces. Maybe the script can be tweaked? / with best regards, Omar KN Stockholm, Sweden
  7. Hi and good day, After a Clean Install of the Mac I’m now searching “for my lost macro” = a pearl: It allows the user to step-by-step insert a dash “ - “ at every space in the filename. (Rename filename - ENTER, then clicking on the filename). See here: https://d.pr/free/v/bL9nHO I use it holding down SH - ALT - CMD and " - ", it automatically finds the next space, and I press the " - " again, it's very intuitiv. This macro is not in my Alfred list of macros, but I still can use it on the SUperduper-CLONE. Maybe someone on the forum knows/ uses this macro and can tell me at least where to look on the clone-HD. Nothing on the net - for manual insert. / with best regards, Omar KN Stockholm, Sweden
  8. >Evernote 6+ from Evernote.com So the workflow doesn't function on Evernote in the browser?! Do I have to download EN? How for the Mac? I'm on the Evernote free plan. When continuing writing after "ens" it changes to a Google search, so it's not working with EN online?! / Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! With best regards, Omar KN
  9. This 'Search Omnifocus Free Text' is so cool! :-) Thanks @deanishe , @rhyd and everyone else.
  10. Hi and good day, I want to set a System Command (Shut Down) with a popup, which asks me: DO You Really Want To Shut Down Your Computer - YES / NO ? How would one do this? / with best regards, Omar K N Stockholm, Sweden
  11. Hi and good day Vero & everyone else here, =SOLVED_! The problem was 1 little space after the "1p" ( I had "1p "). Unforgivable computers!!! Anyway I find the workflow to be so sweet! You just type your 1p into ALFRED, choose the site where you need to login, and swish there you are!! / with best regards, Omar K N Stockholm, Sweden
  12. Hi and good day csaborio, This is of course a good workflow, what I had in mind was a step less than that: To type a keyboard trigger which then automatically opens a webpage AND ALSO lets Alfred do the heavy lifting together with 1Password: to automatically find the login fields and automatically type in the appropriate username & password. This would be nice, wouldn't it? with best regards, Omar K N Stockholm, Sweden
  13. Great! But not working: I did the following: - using Alfred v2.5.1 at least - using 1Password and its browser plugin. - Enable integration with 3rd party apps ( I set it to 1p) => Alfred does find the bookmarks file generated by 1Password What I see is this: https://www.abc.se/home/m9783/ir/x/_apps/Screen-Shot-1.png and this: https://www.abc.se/home/m9783/ir/x/_apps/Screen-Shot-2.png Did I miss something? / with best regards, Omar K N Stockholm, Sweden
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