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  1. Hi, it get's bettter and better :-) So hugely useful! Thanks again for your work. Again a little problem with odd file names. I do have a file called "Oskar / Adam, Subjektdiskurse-OCR". This leads to a conflict, the debugger tells me something about not being able to make it into a nametype. I suppose my Mac saves the "/" as ":" and this somehow conflicts with the name handling. It seems as if there was still something fishy about handling special characters. Thanks :-) mervin. (The log doesn't show anything, I use the most recent version)
  2. Smarg19, if the scanned PDF starts with pages 1 and 2 (of the scanned document), the split pdf starts with page 2, regardless of what I choose in the dialogue. This doesn't happen with 1.3 on 10.9.2 anymore and I upgraded my machines a few days ago, so I can't test it on 10.8.5 anymore. But there still seems to be a name related problem. I have a file named "Adorno, Horkheimer/ Über ein neues, zu schreibendes komm. Manifest?-OCR.pdf", if I try to split it, it creates the file "original_Adorno, Horkheimer/ Über ein neues, zu schreibendes komm. Manifest?-OCR", but it doesn't seem to work on the splitting process. Alfred debug: [ERROR: alfred.workflow.action.script] Code 1: splitter.scpt: execution error: Can’t make file "machine:Users:mervin:Desktop:Adorno, Horkheimer: Über ein neues, zu schreibendes komm. Manifest?-OCR_split.pdf" into type alias. (-1700)
  3. The same problem (the first page of the original document is missing in the split document) persists with 10.9.2.
  4. Hi, great workflow. Works perfectly for me. Im very much looking forward to the notes feature. Will automatic urls to the pdf pages also work without evernote? My actual question: I tried the split functionality with several PDFs. It works nicely. However the first page seems to be missing always; it doesn't matter whether I chose "keep" or "discard" in the "keep the first left hand page"-dialogue. Any idea how to fix that? I'm still on 10.8.5 as well…The debugger thingie inside alfred doesn't show _any_ errors/warning. // Another bug, it seems: These files are exactly the same pdf. It seems that for the workflow to function the file needs to be at least 4 characters long; otherwise I get this error.
  5. Works great now, thanks!! I wonder, whats the point of giving a timestamp format? Is it supposed to be added automatically to the end of the file name? That it doesn't do.
  6. Hi there, I love your App. It really helps. However, I wonder if its a bug that you can give files only names with a certain amount of characters? I have rather complex file names and so there is always something missing. If I understood your previous post correctly, typing in the file extension should help. It doesn't. If I type in "nf #refXsglwXerktheo Huber, Oskar, huber23, 148, Traffic Horses Streets Noise" it comes out as "refXsglwXerktheo Huber, Oskar, huber23, 148, Traffic Horses .md" I have tried it with both current versions (the RC and the normal one). Thanks again for this quite helpful thingie
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