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  1. I've solved it... Set up a keyboard hotkey trigger to take the selected text and then pass it into Alfred with the curser on the left and a space: Sorry about any time that I've wasted.
  2. Not really but I guess that would be one way around it... Maybe if the selected text is "Long way for Kansas" then that could be passed into Alfred and formated as "{cuser} Long way for Kansas" and then you could just enter wiki and hit enter... but can you even send text to Alfred and then send the cuser to the front?
  3. ------------ SOLVED ------------ I've been a longtime Launchbar user, but have decided to switch to Alfred for the workflows. In Launchbar I was able to select text in any application and then press and hold my Launchbar shortcut (command-space) and that would send the text to Launchbar. From there I could simply type "wi" and then press enter to search wikipedia using that query. This feature is called "Instant Send" in Launchbar. Does Alfred have a similar feature? Thanks
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