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  1. Send the selected or entered text to Deepl for translation. Hotkey Ctrl+T Or Keyword translate It's a very very basic workflow but it works great and I wish it should have existed before I create it. See it here alfred-deepl on GitHub
  2. That did it! Thank you very much, I'll remember this for the future.
  3. Why would this script throw an error when used in an Alfred workflow but work when launched in Script Editor? -- from https://gist.github.com/sillygwailo/1236890 on alfred_script(q) property theURL : "" tell application "Safari" set theURL to URL of current tab of window 1 end tell tell application "Google Chrome" if (count of (every window where visible is true)) is greater than 0 then tell front window make new tab end tell else make new window end if set URL of active tab of window 1 to theURL activate end tell end alfred_script The error it throws in the debug
  4. I'm struggling to port my Alfred 1 scripts to Alfred 2 workflows. Your TC workflow at #5 seems awesome, would you mind sharing that? Thank you.
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