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  1. Yes, I understood, but I'm thinking about something like this: images_folder/image.png (compressed) images_folder/PNGTemp/image.png (original) I want to create a folder in the folder where's is being called from. Edit Already got it! full="{query}" fname=$(basename "$full") dir=$(dirname "$full") mkdir "$dir"/png-original cp "$full" "$dir"/png-original
  2. Guys, I'm building a workflow which uses pngquant to compress my png's. It works: /Applications/ImageAlpha.app/Contents/Resources/pngquant {query} killall Terminal But I need to copy the selected file to a new folder before compressing it. Kinda backup. How can I do it? thanks!
  3. It gives me this: http://cl.ly/PW1p And creates a folder called TinyPNG with a txt file named ~Report~.txt
  4. It seems thats not working anymore. Returns UPLOAD Falied
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