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  1. Is there a way to make a hotkey trigger that works except when a certain app is active? For example, Ctl-C is commonly used in Terminal to halt a process but if that hotkey is assigned to an Alfred workflow, then it doesn't work in Terminal. I'd like to have Terminal respond to the usual key commands but only when it's active (obviously). I'm probably not the only one for whom this would be useful. Is there a way to say assign Ctl-C to workflow blah unless Terminal is active in which case pass the hotkey thru to Terminal? Thanks.
  2. Would you please consider adding the ability to manage workflows more easily? For example, the ability to see all hotkeys in use. And the ability to see all of one kind of workflow like script or application. Much of this was in version 1 so I was surprised that it became more difficult in version 2. Thanks.
  3. It would be helpful to organize workflows into different types as in Alfred ver 1. For example, see all hotkey workflows to quickly see which hotkeys are in use. Or all applescripts versus bash scripts. Or all keyword workflows. These were all pretty easy to do in Version 1 but everything is combined into one big set of workflows in Version 2 and I find it gets difficult to manage and navigate. I'm surprised this kind of organization was removed when Version 2 came out. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for your reply. I don't use the hotkey for a script. But hopefully the developers will consider adding this in a future version.
  5. I have an action set to hotkey ctl-d which works fine unless I'm in terminal and need to use ctl-d to close a file from the command line. Is there a way to either temporarily override Alfred to say I really want just ctl-d? Or alternatively, can I make a condition in my Alfred workflow to say something like - if active app is not terminal then hotkey does x else ignore? Or even an exception list for hotkey triggers? Otherwise, I am running out of hotkeys that aren't necessary sometimes for other apps. Thanks.
  6. I second all the above and I'd like to be able to consolidate workflows. For example, I created several similar workflows that can all be contained in one canvas as mentioned above. But I can't drag n drop or cut/paste them so I would have to recreate them which I'd prefer not to do.
  7. Ok. I tried your suggestion and it works ok. The Growl notification says "This is a sample notification". So that's good. In my Applescript, the last line before the end is: display dialog theResult buttons {"Done"} default button 1 end alfred_script This displays "theResult", which is just a filename as a string, in a button so I can see the filename on my screen. So, if I add the {query} placeholder in the Notification object and run my script in Alfred, I get a Chinese character output. If I then comment out the line that displays the button with "theResult" then the output appear
  8. Just set up workflow with Growl notification but the notification displays as Chinese characters (I think). I have reproduced it several times. I am pretty new to workflows. I've Not attached a screenshot since I don't see how i'm supposed to add an attachment. Let me know and I'll post it. Growl works fine for other apps. I'm on Lion 10.7.5 and latest Alfred 2.04
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