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  1. Besides spotlight, it's still strange that - with the last dash in the name the file is not found - without that dash the file is found - when searching for *CreateHeader all are found. So these files can be found, it just appears to be the dash that does something weird?
  2. Well... it comes with a gigantic error message that I'll investigate: mdimport /Users/USERNAME/Documents/Projects/2015-02feb-Jive-CreateHeader-03.xlsx 2015-10-13 21:12:27.331 mdimport[44319:26366191] Error loading /Library/Spotlight/Microsoft Office.mdimporter/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Office: dlopen(/Library/Spotlight/Microsoft Office.mdimporter/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Office, 262): no suitable image found. Did find: /Library/Spotlight/Microsoft Office.mdimporter/Contents/MacOS/Microsoft Office: mach-o, but wrong architecture 2015-10-13 21:12:27.331 mdimport[44319:26366191] Cannot find function pointer OfficeImporterPluginFactory for factory BFA4E323-1889-11D9-82C8-000A959816BE in CFBundle/CFPlugIn 0x7fbc88d079c0 </Library/Spotlight/Microsoft Office.mdimporter> (bundle, not loaded) (Import.Error:711) Could not create instance for plugIn 'file:///Library/Spotlight/Microsoft%20Office.mdimporter/'
  3. UPDATE: right now my SPOTLIGHT search also seems to have the below problem... So I'll investigate that first. File: 2015-02feb-Jive-CreateHeader-3.xlsx - not found when searching 'CreateHeader' rename file File: 2015 02feb Jive CreateHeader 3.xlsx - FOUND when searching 'CreateHeader' rename file File: 2015-02feb-Jive-CreateHeader-3.xlsx - not found when searching 'CreateHeader' rename file (no '-3' at the end) File: 2015-02feb-Jive-CreateHeader.xlsx - FOUND when searching 'CreateHeader' rename file (no dash at the end) File: 2015-02feb-Jive-CreateHeader03.xlsx - FOUND when searching 'CreateHeader' tried with a couple of other XLS files: same result ;-)
  4. The alfredtest worked fine! I have send you a PM with the metadata tool result for the file I used in the initial tests.
  5. It still works as described in my first post.. Have no clue where to look for the problem ;-) DJ
  6. Team, Couldn't find a similar topic so here's my question: When seaching for a file (just typing part of the name or using 'find' + part of the name Alfred doesn't show the files. Example. FILE NAME: 2015-Aug-CreateHeader-01.xls SPOTLIGHT: type "createhea" -- found ALFRED: type "createhea" -- no result ALFRED: type "2015-Aug-Cre" -- found ALFRED: type "*createhea" -- found Is this works as designed? Configurable feature? PBKAC? (problem between keyboard and chair)
  7. This appears to be a workflow with huge potential.. The one thing that comes to mind... How safe/secure is this workflow? How safe/secure is this compared to other integrations, other tools, browsers integrated with lastpass, etc. In theory, this workflow has full access to all your passwords, right? Please, convince me to use this! DJ
  8. Growl: App-store 2.1.3 Alfred: 2.1 (218) OSX: 10.8.5 Just re-installed Growl can't couldn't reporduce within 2 minutes (all the time I have today for testing ;-( )
  9. Hi, When I want to display a Growl notification, 100s of them appear on my screen. Pages and pages, all with the same notification. The only way to stop this is by quitting Growl. > OSX notifications: only 1 is displayed OSX Notification disadvantage: only 2 lines are displayed which for my plugin is useless. The notification content comes from PHP code which is started from a bash script. Snippet: RET=$(php -f ~/Library/Application\ Support/Alfred/extensions/scripts/appname/scriptname.php -- "{query}") echo $RET >> test.txt echo $RET So the 'echo $RET' generates 100s of Growl notifications but the echo $RET >> test.txt shows only the content that it's supposed to show. Update: there's an interesting entry in the system logs: 11/6/13 3:47:01.637 Alfred 2[1183]: Failed to notify due to missing registration, queue and reregister Any idea?
  10. Ah, I understand.. Thank you for the quick response.
  11. Some feedback for the http://alfredworkflow.com/ website: Add 'date added/updated' that you can sort on so it's easy to see what's new/changed Add 'download counter' or 'likes' so people can sort-on/see popularity Keep up the good work! DJ
  12. Ok, so it's official that Alfred will not show (for example) the Recent files that Excel has in the "recent documents" entry of Alfred? That's a shame. It would be very good if it would pickup the recent files from Excel/Word/Powerpoint
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