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  1. So what is the best way to remove old Aflred 1.2? Should I just drag the app icon to the trash? If I use AppZapper will it break my new Alfred 2.02?
  2. I just downloaded and unzipped Alfred 2.02. I dragged the unzipped Alfred 2.app to my Applications folder. I started Alfred 2.app. Now there are two bowlers in my mac menu bar! In Alfred 2 Preferences screen, I clicked the button for v1 Import: Import settings. There are still two bowlers in my mac menu bar! I scanned and scanned AlfredApp.com and Alfredfroum.com. I found a lot of articles about importing v1 settings. BUT NOT ONE MENTION OF WHAT I SHOULD DO WITH OLD ALFRED 1.2. Maybe it is obvious to you. I am guessing I should just drag old Alferd to the trash. Will that "just work?
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