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  1. This is a fantastic workflow! Thank you for the time you've put in. I don't want to start barking ideas but this is more of a question: When I set (with my phone) to a preset (lets say blue rain) and then use alfred to save the preset (hue-preset-save or whatever) can it save that current config? Or is saving presets in alfred only for if you've set the lights up through alfred. I ask because I set to a preset using my phone and then saved the preset with alfred but when i go back to that preset through alfred, it doesnt seem to work
  2. Would this have to do with the FILE: /Volumes/trzaktb/Pictures/self/illos/servicebell.png Problem downloading servicebell_shrink.png error? It's been working a charm since i updated and suddenly back to this. Let me know how i can help you debug this is one of the best workflows for me Edit its not the 500 limit because i tried changing out for a different (new) api.
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