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  1. This is a fantastic workflow! Thank you for the time you've put in. I don't want to start barking ideas but this is more of a question: When I set (with my phone) to a preset (lets say blue rain) and then use alfred to save the preset (hue-preset-save or whatever) can it save that current config? Or is saving presets in alfred only for if you've set the lights up through alfred. I ask because I set to a preset using my phone and then saved the preset with alfred but when i go back to that preset through alfred, it doesnt seem to work
  2. Would this have to do with the FILE: /Volumes/trzaktb/Pictures/self/illos/servicebell.png Problem downloading servicebell_shrink.png error? It's been working a charm since i updated and suddenly back to this. Let me know how i can help you debug this is one of the best workflows for me Edit its not the 500 limit because i tried changing out for a different (new) api.
  3. This is the most frustrating thing to date and I can't seem to figure it out! Lately (and somewhat sporadically) when I use my keyboard shortcut ALT+SPACE on a file in finder (i believe this is called File Search -> Actions -> File Selection) Instead of opening in the nice box where I can apply an alfred workflow to the selected file in Finder, I get a full screen quicklook which I think was introduced as a keyboard shortcut / feature in mavericks. I've looked everywhere to disable this shortcut so it's not hijacking my alfred. I've also tried changing the shortcut in alfred (see screenshot http://d.pr/NEFH ) but no matter what I change it to, i still can't get alfred to pop up on the file im selecting in Finder (nothing happens) Hopefully I've explained this somewhat clearly. TL;DR I can't select a file in finder and use my keyboard shortcut (normally alt+space) to pop up a alfred action window. Instead I just get a full screen quicklook. If i change the keyboard shortcut, it just doesn't do anything. I'm not 100% sure if I'm changing the right shortcut though because honestly I'm not positive what the feature is named in alfred preferences. Thanks guys EDIT: I've just updated to 10.9.1 and i'm not sure if its just the reboot, or the update but its currently working, so far so good. ill update if the problem persists but so far that's solved it. Like i said i OP its a bit sporatic
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