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  1. Thanks @deanishe This project started out as something a lot different than what it is now. It was a lot less complicated back then. Thanks for the ideas. I may need to learn a few things first. But that's the fun. For now, it's at a manageable point, and I can live with it while I do some homework.
  2. My apologies if this is in the wrong place. I've wracked my brain for a few days with no results. Well, that's not true, I have cleaned up my code and tracked down my bugs, but I digress. I have now ended up here in the suggestion area. My workflow works very nicely at being in your face with Large Type notifications throughout the day and encouraging you to get up from behind the desk, move/stand, take breaks, and lunch. I'm working with the idea of making the messages hard to ignore. So far, it has dramatically increased my standing/movement during the day. I am looking to have something I c
  3. Oh well, just doing some spring cleaning and noticed it now worked. I have been on beta (Apple) for so long maybe something was borked on my end. I did a clean install a couple weeks back and just now getting my Mac back to "just so". Anyway carry on.?
  4. @vitor et al, Just wanted to point out that the results are now alphabetical on 10.13.4
  5. @Vitor Mine is set to English, (US) using 10.13.3 beta formatted as APFS w/ FileVault enabled, and no alphabetical order of items. Would you still like the debugger info posted here ? Ah never mind here it is...Just incase you can use it. [2018-01-16 21:18:30][input.scriptfilter] Queuing argument '(null)' [2018-01-16 21:18:35][input.scriptfilter] Script with argument '(null)' finished [2018-01-16 21:18:35][input.scriptfilter] {"items":[{"title":"LanScan Pro","subtitle":"5.0","arg":"5.0","icon":{"type":"fileicon","path":"/Applications/LanScan Pro.app"}
  6. Just a point of reference for anyone involved, a discussion is active in the 1Password forums Located @ https://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/54377/login-item-updates-from-all-vaults-clears-3rd-party-integration-file-for-alfred-etc-now-fixed#latest The title of the topic suggests its fixed but it may or may not be (for some) , I, and others still experience the issue. Also manually setting the file location seems to have no noticeable effect. Edit: Add details My specs are the same as sphardy's above.
  7. @kejadlen Its working at 99.9 % on Yosemite 10.10.1 The install instructions and getting the API keys all were very well written. No issues at all getting it setup in less than 5 minutes. I obviously compared it with other weather services to see if the correct data was being returned. Using the 2 locations, I am currently working at, it functions very well. The correct data and locations are displayed. The only issue, I saw and its minor in my opinion. If you type in a location and press enter it will take you to a web page. That page is not loading for me in the Aviator, Safari,
  8. I just wanted to stop in and say, I know a few issues have arisen between my Dropbox / Encore workflows. I am monitoring the situation. Dropbox labels the issues as with Yosemite Finder integration and I am seeing some weird issues in activity monitor etc. It is making it too unpredictable at the moment, to try and come up with a workflow to work around the problem. Normally Dropbox was a running process as was Encore. In the new setup they have a helper app and chosen not to label it helper but instead simply Dropbox. This would not normally present an issue but that helper app at times
  9. I have decided to pull the link and cease work as some of the changes in ControlPlane 1.4 betas and 1.5 release now adversely affect the way the original work flow interacted. Specifically the change for allowing multiple contexts to run simultaneously causes the workflow to always return an unknown context even if only one context is valid. Very short life of this, but as with everything it has come to an end. Maybe I will pick this back up at a later time.
  10. Hey folks, I imagine some of you are as tired of the where is the app prompt as I am. That is if you use the "clouds" + "on" or "clouds" + "off" feature if you are simply using the individual apps on an as needed basis this change will not affect you. If you are comfortable editing an apple script I made some changes that will allow you to remove those apps you do not have installed or maybe you don't want to have them quit while using the "clouds" + "off" argument. Either way the choice is yours. Rather than place the instructions here. Simply type "clouds" + "setup" (after u
  11. Small update to support OneDrive since it was officially release in the app store. Instead of "sd" the keyword is now "od" v1 and v2 support OneDrive and are available at their respective link's above. They will no longer work with the old version of the app "SkyDrive". Please update your install of the app to maintain compatibility. Additionally: The install from the App store does not replace the existing installed app "SkyDrive" in your applications folder. You may wish to remove it manually after updating to prevent confusion ? Edit : Typo
  12. Yes please down load and replace your existing copy.
  13. Hi Arthur Looks like when I removed the portion for force stopping or killing an app. I placed the command modifier on the start option instead of removing it. Ive removed it. A new upload is in progress. I would give it a bit of time to upload. I am on slow hotel wifi that is subject to on and off issues.
  14. Ok guys I am going to move forward with my original plans for version 2, and also make some pruning of supported apps. Version 1 will remain up for those whom it may benefit. The download link is in the opening topic. At this point v1 is identical to v2 except for the v2 scaling back of apps supported. So currently no one on v1 will be losing any functionality. Version 2 will see the removal of several of the apps I just don't use on a on going basis. Apps which will continue to be supported are : - Amazon Cloud Drive http://www.amazon.com - BitTorrent Sync http://labs.bitto
  15. Just an update 95% of the changes are live. A couple of apps no longer function correctly on the quit function alone. So I have decided to disable the quit functions for those apps. The user will be notified if a normal quit is disabled. I am very hesitant to force close an app but I have started placing a cmd modifier into the mix to run a kill command for certain problematic apps. One specifically will hang and then crash Alfred if it is closed with a applescript quit command. (Tonido) Its not an Alfred issue but one with the Tonido. I am still working on several of the later apps in t
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