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  1. Is there a way to extend this workflow to automatically pause all Transmission file transfers?? Say when it connects to the VPN, if Transmission is running it would pause all transfers and then resume them after it disconnects? I think it would be a nice addition. I'd use it to respect the wishes of my VPN Service (which doesn't allow P2P transfers while connected). Sometimes I forget to pause the transfers and I'd rather not face the penalties (added costs/reduced bandwidth) of violating they're usage policies. If it's too much of a chore, could you point me in the right direction? I
  2. Hello, How could I alter the dmg.php script so that it creates an encrypted disk image? Can it be done while using a previously configured password? (No annoying prompts) The modified workflow could save me from the hassle of creating multiple encrypted .dmg's via Disk Utility.
  3. Su.pr and Brb.bz are two of the best link shorteners on the market. (Along with bit.ly and goo.gl, which you already have.) It would be pretty cool to have those options as well. Another request I could make is when using bit.ly if there could be a way to add notes (#tags) to the link while shortening (saving) it? Say I'd like to save (and shorten) a link to bit.ly using the workflow I could add some tags to make that link easily searchable when logged into the bit.ly website. I don't know if it's possible, but it could save me a bit of time of entering the tags manually. All in all t
  4. I have a request, how about making a file action that allows you to send image to other web services. Yfrog, flickr, etc. just to name two I use regularly. Just my two cents. I'll be sure to check out imgur now that there's a workflow for the site.
  5. I've also noticed that the files are being copied or moved to my main Dropbox folder and not the Public folder I recently enabled (as post #43 mentioned). Just FYI.
  6. I have a problem getting part of the workflow to run. The Copying and moving the file appears to be working perfectly on my Mac. The problem for me is getting the URL copied to the clipboard. Notification Center just says Blocked. And that's what's copied to my clipboard. The word "Blocked". Did I do something wrong with the setup? What can I do to fix the problem? I'm not a programmer or anything. Anyways, thanks in advance.
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