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  1. I want to traverse a JSON structure, using fuzzy filtering to select from the available keys. I'll give the modifier + "Call External Trigger Output" approach a shot. Thanks!
  2. When the user selects an option from my script filter, I would like the option to pass this selected value on to an action, the next part of the workflow, or to pass it back into the same script filter in order to generate a new set of results. Is this possible? I know that I can have the script filter rerun on each query change, but in this case I'd like to be able to optionally make it run when the user selects a result.
  3. How do you pass arguments, e.g. the number of words or paragraphs?
  4. I'd like to be able to string together multiple script actions. I'm basically trying to automate switching the URL in my browser between the local and production versions. For example, switch between: http://localhost:3000/stuff http://awesomeness.com/stuff The way I was thinking I'd achieve this is: 1) Use applescript to grab the URL of the active tab 2) Pass the URL string to a new script action that manipulates it via JavaScript (or Ruby, or Python, or any high-level non-applescript language) 3) Pass that result back to a new script action that will use Applescript to load the new URL in the active browser tab However, it seems that I can't string together multiple actions. Am I missing something, or is there an alternative solution?
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