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  1. I am very glad you like it !
  2. Updated the link, it's also in the main thread: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xcka1l6pxt8ibsn/BT%20%26%20Wifi%20Toggle.alfredworkflow Enjoy
  3. Thanks for that, that is a great addition to the script! I changed the keyword to a script filter with this script and changed the keyword to 'bt' instead of 'bttoggle'. You can get the most recent version here: http://d.pr/f/QckR or in the first post.
  4. What the workflow does, is toggle bluetooth. As for whether the bluetooth devices connect or not, I am afraid that is not the workflow's problem, but Mavericks'. On the other hand, I am not quite sure where the problem is, but I am guessing that maybe it doesn't try to connect just the speakers, because I have no problem with my Magic Mouse on Mavericks. Anyway, I am sorry it doesn't work, but I'm afraid I can't do anything about it. Thanks a lot for that, I probably uploaded my old workflow file instead of the new one. Sorry about that.
  5. That's weird. I upgraded to Mavericks and everything works fine, maybe try to download the workflow again (http://d.pr/f/ybMT). As for installing the utility, the error simply says that your /usr/local/bin doesn't exist, so try creating it: mkdir /usr/local/bin and installing it again, not sure however if that might help. If anything works (or doesn't) be sure to tell me .
  6. I really hope it works now. I used Droplr and it worked when I created the link, probably just has a short lifetime. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  7. Sorry for that. It should work now, please use the link in the original post.
  8. Update the workflow using the link in the first post and look inside the workflow's folder . I already stopped using the AppleScript way as it sucked and caused problems. Now it's using blueutil and works perfectly.
  9. FYI: I have just (about a minute ago ) posted the updated version with the code locally. Please update the workflow with the link provided in the top post as I will probably take the remote code down in a week or so. Enjoy!
  10. Sorry for that, the forum has changed the layout a little bit and ALFF was not being able to deal with "Pinned". It should all work fine right now and as the forum is now free to look at without an account, I will probably repost this workflow with the code internally.
  11. When setting a clipboard hotkey, I am unable to set it to "Cmd + Shift + [anything]". I have tried this with "Cmd + Shift + C" and several other combinations, but it just doesn't work. Everytime I try it, an error pops out: Unable to save 'features.clipboard.hotkey' with value '{ When trying this in the Alfred Hotkey setter, it worked just fine, however the same problem occurs in the workflow editor. I have encountered this problem (a similar one) in the previous beta releases – with the exception of no error popping out – but as in V1, this hotkey worked, I had no big reason to solve it, but now I would like to transfer everything from V1 to V2.
  12. Thanks for the advice! I know that if people are going to use this a lot, it will blow up my limit, but for now, I will probably just wait for that to happen, and when it does, I will put in the instruction to use their own AppID. Until then, I am simply going to let it flow, as I haven't recognized any large impact on the limit, yet.
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