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  1. onewheelskyward

    Terminal integration stopped working with the latest update

    Hmm I'm not sure if I did, but I'm happy to turn it back off and on again. Thanks for the reply!
  2. Hey all! Alfred 3.8, MacOS 10.14- the Alfred 3.8 update has killed my terminal integration. Whenever I >cmd my terminal no longer loads. I have verified that all the accessibility/security/automation settings are configured for Alfred, and I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this issue. Can you provide any guidance?
  3. onewheelskyward

    10.9 Clipboard History

    How odd. It was turned off. I had been using it for several months previous, perhaps it got disabled as part of the upgrade? Anyhow, thanks!
  4. onewheelskyward

    10.9 Clipboard History

    Hey there. I'm using Alfred 2.0.4 on 10.9 today, and it seems like it's not able to catch the clipboard history events. Is there a build out there that's been updated for Mavericks?