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  1. Thanks. As a point of clarification, the issue isn't that I lose what I was typing in Alfred. It's not as if I get very far anyway. The issue is as I'm typing, the keyboard input suddenly gets redirected to the Finder, which can make a mess if I don't notice.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm already running in "Standard Mode".
  3. For a while now, I've had Alfred's input window occasionally disappear when I was in the middle of typing something. I finally got around to trying to figure out why. Basically, I can do the following too quickly: 1. Quit an app via cmd-Q 2. Activate Alfred (in my case, via cmd-space) 3. Begin typing something If the Alfred panel opens before the background app quits, when that app does finish terminating, the Alfred panel will also close. The biggest culprit, for me at least, is when I quit Apple's Mail app + Spamsieve. That combination seems to do enough cleanup prior to closing that I can easily reproduce the behavior I'm talking about. This "bug" is such a minor thing, except when I'm typing in Alfred and the panel suddenly disappears, continued typing is now sent to Finder. This has occasionally resulted in me renaming files on my desktop, which is super annoying. Anyway, I love Alfred and look forward to seeing it get even better. ~~~~~ Alfred v2.8.3 (435) OS X 10.11.4
  4. Title pretty much sums my request up. It's frustrating that all web traffic isn't encrypted, and it would be nice if Alfred wasn't part of the problem. Yes, I realize I can put the protocol in as part of Alfred input (e.g. https://website.com), but that kinda defeats the 'shortcut' nature of Alfred. At the very least, create a checkbox along the lines of "use https" in the Web Search Preferences so people can opt-in. Oh, and in case it wasn't apparent, I love Alfred. That's why I'm hoping you make it even better.
  5. I'm having a similar problem. It seems Alfred v2 is unable to run a script as simple as the following 1-liner: set diagResult to display dialog "Enter some text." default answer "" The dialog box is never displayed.
  6. Okay. Got it. Thanks, although I'm a little bummed I now need to type something like "run script_name" since, as near as I can tell, I can't leave the Keyword field blank and have the workflow simply add indexing to a specified path (which is what I really want). Oh, and as a very, very minor bug, you might want to look at the Save button enabling logic for "File filter from keyword..." You appear to want the Save button enabled only when a keyword of some sort has been entered, but the button will also enable if the Placeholder Title has a value. In other words, one can enter a placeholder title, and no keyword, and save a workflow that cannot trigger. I think. ;-) Thanks for your help, David.
  7. Sorry in advance if this behavior is actually by design or if I missed an existing post on the subject. Most of my scripts are placed in ~/Library/Scripts since this appears to be the spot most apps like to default to. When switching to Alfred from LaunchBar (from Quicksilver), I none of my scripts showed up. Then I noticed the "Excluding ~/Library" note under the "Include folders in Home" checkbox in the preferences. Okay, I thought, I'll just add ~/Library explicitly to the Search Scope list. No dice. I then tried adding ~/Library/Scripts to the search list. Still no luck getting Alfred to find my scripts. So, the "bug", or feature request, is: - If a path is added to the Search Scope list, this path is guaranteed to be searched. Thanks, David. My setup is as follows: OSX 10.8.4 Alfred v2.0.5 (202) A snapshot of my search preferences... Okay... I've given up trying to upload a picture. If there is a help document for how to do this (should be obvious, but maybe my coffee hasn't fully kicked in), that would be great.
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