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  1. Is it possible to add the functionality a specific part of the workflow? Like could I add a hotkey to move selected messages to a set folder? Awesome workflow!
  2. It seems that I can't act on a task. I search for a task and press "enter". But alfred just returns "!oftd", nothing else. Are there updated instructions on how to act on a task, etc.?
  3. Now, what about getting the url for every tab in the window or even getting the urls for the selected tabs only. Has anyone figured this out. I've tried and failed. But I'm not sure this is possible in Chrome due to their lack of applescript support.
  4. Is there a way to search for a task without knowing the context or project it's in? something like the Rob Trew applescript "FindObject"
  5. This workflow opens the lastpass vault in a chrome tab from alfred. It's a simple workflow but helps me save time always having to go back and copy long passwords or usernames. keyword = lpc Of course, this requires you to have the lastpass extension installed in chrome. Download
  6. I think there is a option for lastpass to have an encrypted database on your local computer via "Pocket", their desktop app. I read on another forum for a previous launcher (QS I think) that this was more feasible due to the database being local rather than a remote.
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