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  1. hi zuzung, i am not so sure. i simply use the "date" command in the script. it all depends whether the date command can output the current date/time info in local lonaguage. i tried looking around but could not find anything to that effect. the "month" script - on the other hand - has some promise to this issue. check out: http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=20040625094428394
  2. I am sorry for mentioning that the first post here did not get "any" view. I was looking at something else - my bad - it does seem to have around 851 views.
  3. Hi again everyone, Sadly, my earlier post did not get any views. I guess this functionality of viewing the date & time with alfred keywords is either too simple or rather unneeded. Still, I went ahead and included one more functionality, viz., to display the current month in calendar form using LargeType output. The updated workflow can be found on the same GitHub repo: https://github.com/bedartha/DateTime One thing that would have been a great feature - is that if it was possible to customize the font settings for the LargeType output. I really like the idea of LargeType and use it quite often but since the font used currently in LargeType is not fixedwidth - I had to spend an entire day meddling around with hyphens and spaces and tabs and what not in python to display the calendar correctly. Even now, the output is a bit hackish. This entire task could have been just one command: "cal" using /bin/bash and with a MonoSpaced font. I hope we are able to change the font in LargeType in future Alfred versions! Cheers! Bedartha
  4. I often end up in a situation when my entire screen is covered with windows and the tiny analog clock on the menu bar is just too hard to decipher. Plus, I guess it's safe to say that all of us hate using the mouse or the trackpad on those over-work days (hence Alfred! ).So I decided to make a most basic workflow using the "date" command of the Terminal. There are two keywords: 'date' and 'time'. On actioning these keywords, the current date and time (respectively) are displayed on the screen using the "Large Type" output mode. That's it! (oh, one more thing - I use the word "Clock" for the search result to avoid conflict with "Date & Time" of "System Preferences") Here are a few screenshots: date keyword date output time keyword time output NOTE: Although it is not apparent from the screenshots, the large type output is actually transparentso it does not really cover your screen with a completely opaque black panel! And a press of the Esc key is all that's required to get it out of sight. You can download the workflow from here: https://github.com/bedartha/DateTime I hope you guys like it. - Bedartha
  5. yes - you are right. I tried Ctrl + Shift + Space and it showed as a new Hotkey. And this combination works. Thanks so much for helping me out!
  6. I am unable to use the Hotkey from: Alfred Preferences >> File Search >> Actions >> File Selection It states clearly that the hotkey I need "to show the actions panel for the currently selected files in OS X" is "Cmd + Opt + \" --- however, the thing is - I am using a German keyboard so I normally have to do "Opt + Shift + 7" to get "\" (don't ask!) And now... I have also cleared the default Hotkey in the above mentioned field of Alfred Preferences in the hope that I would be able to record a new one --- unfortunately I can't seem to be able to do that Can anyone help me out? I am using v2 with PowerPack and I have OS X Mavericks. Cheers, Bedartha
  7. I think I got it now - I had no idea about the "arg" attribute of the "<item>" tag!!! It works now! I just have to try it out for a few days (won't be hasty this time) and smoothen out the rough edges a bit before I post the next version. this is cool - my first workflow (well - almost)
  8. Hey thanks Vitor! Both for appreciating the idea and the link I totally agree that I should have made it such that one can see the running apps within Alfred (like how it works with "quit") but the thing is that - I had just bought the powerpack that day and just made the above workflow within an hour and posted it - in hindsight i would say i was a bit too hasty Later, I also found this: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1898-restart-applications-with-force-if-necessary/ which is really cool - and much better than mine. I am working on a python script filter now to filter out the running apps with PyObjC (oh! what a nightmare of a documentation that is) because I am most comfortable working with Python. The only problem right now is that the "action" part of the workflow does not seem to detect the "action"-ed input will put up a version 1.1 as soon as I get done with this - and of course your link is going to give me clues Best, Bedartha
  9. Hi everyone! I made this extremely simple workflow which just tells the specified application to quit and then start again - effectively relaunching it! (I had recently faced this situation a lot of times with Java and AIR installs and what not! So I decided to keyboard-ify it with Alfred workflows.) You can download it from the following GitHub link: Start download of RelaunchApp-v1.0.alfredworkflow Hope you like it and feedback is always welcome. cheers, Bedartha Screenshot:
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