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  1. Here is an updated version of the Alfred Workflow: download [.zip] This version has been tested against Alfred v2.5.1 (308) and Evernote v6.0.5 (451190 Direct). Here's how entries look in Evernote: Icon for this updated Workflow is from this page. If you are the artist that created this icon and would like it taken out of this Workflow, please send me a message.
  2. Hi all, I've been able to update my script to work properly. Here's a link to the raw AppleScript (suitable for creating a Service in Automator, etc.). I've posted the link to my Dropbox account so it won't disappear again. Note that this script is hard-coded to look for a Notebook called "Day Logs".
  3. Hi all, Here's v1.0.2, which fixes the issue you all have had to deal with: http://d.pr/f/MoSb [.workflow]
  4. Hi all, I'm really sorry this stopped working! I also apologize that I never came back to this page so I didn't realize people were relying on this! I'm looking into it right now. Hopefully it won't take long to fix.
  5. This is a great workflow -- very useful and feature-ful. Thanks for making it! I especially like that I can add reminders with reference to the doc in the current application. Very cool The only thing on my wish list is that reminders were ordered by due date. Keep up the good work!
  6. This just happened to me. Spotlight and LaunchBar find these applications just fine. So, to say this "isn't a bug" is just false. This is a bug and it should be fixed. I have to say, reading through this thread I've been dismayed with the official responses. Repeatedly asking customers to reproduce and diagnose your bugs for you is not cool. This isn't an open-source app; we've paid a decent amount of money (those of us with a Powerpack anyway), and as professionals you should be reproducing and fixing these bugs on your own. And an apology would be nice. This bug also damages the trust we have that Alfred knows about and will display everything we need it to. So I don't really feel comfortable using it until it's explained and fixed. Spotlight and LaunchBar have no problems locating the same item.
  7. New release: v1.0.1 Changelog: Fixed bug with Evernote query syntax that could result in old notes being used for new entries. Download
  8. Example: log My new journal entry! Download: http://goo.gl/FWx92 (.alfredworkflow file) Here's a sample of what this command creates: The script will auto-create the notebook and dated note if they don't yet exist. The bold time text will automatically be added to the note every time you log a new entry. Note that right now, the notebook will always be named "Work Journal."
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