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  1. @Vero, Thanks very much for your reply. So, if I understand what you are saying, if I assume permissions are unchanged from my current state and all of a sudden Apple or Alfred reset the permissions. Alfred will prompt me that permissions need to be granted. Thanks, it did not occur to me that this could provide information that might be considered private. Guess it makes sense. Again thanks! Chip
  2. Hi, I am new to Alfred and have recently applied a couple of updates. Following the updates I am presented with the General tab on Alfred Preferences and at the bottom of the list is Permissions with a button title "Request Permissions...". Since I have no idea if the update requires me to grant permissions again it would be nice if this General tab told me something about the permissions that need to be granted. For example "3 of 4 Permission types currently granted". In my case I have granted 3 of the 4 different permissions and Apple's UI adds sufficient friction to checking each permission set that I thought I would make this suggestion. If I wasn't clear enough please let me know.
  3. I am new to Alfred having having just stopped using LaunchBar. To activate Alfred on the primary user account on my MacBook Pro I have configured it to use control-option-command-L as the Alfred Hotkey. I then switched to a new account I recently created on this same MacBook Pro and have not been able to configure it to use the same Alfred Hotkey. The apps being used are the same for both accounts. The only difference is that the new account uses a different AppleID to connect to iCloud than is used on the primary account. The AppleID used for "Media" is the same for both accounts. I have followed all the troubleshooting steps Alfred provided and no luck so far. Are there any reputable apps that can be used to ID where this keyboard shortcut is actually being used? Other words of wisdom also welcome. Thanks in advance, Chip
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