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  1. Thanks for the reply. Here are the paths that I use: Mac 1 /Volumes/GoogleDrive-112737553631035858984 /Volumes/GoogleDrive-103236156896470715725 Mac 2 /Volumes/GoogleDrive Also, not sure if this is relevant but /Volumes/GoogleDrive-112737553631035858984 on Mac 1 is the same Google Drive account as /Volumes/GoogleDrive on Drive 2 but obviously is named differently because I have two accounts on that computer. Obrigado
  2. I use the Google Drive workflow (List File Stream contents from Google Drive) and it works great. There is an environment variable to identify the Google Drive path. I have two Macs, one for work and one for personal, that I use Alfred on and I sync the preferences between them. Unfortunately, in the sync process, the environment variables get overridden from my other computer and therefore the workflow fails until I change the path to the correct path which then causes the workflow on the other Mac to fail. Is it possible to eliminate the syncing for this workflow? Do I need to turn off preference syncing and turn it back on when I make other preference changes? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
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