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  1. I know there is the workflow alleyoop going around which will download a release for any workflows that include an update.json file, it's a great idea. Automation for updating, making things easy. As I was getting back into making updates to the Spotify workflow I wanted to add this in, but I didn't care for lack of control. Meaning no way to read about the release, view the codebase or even choose a release version. I opted not to use it. Instead I wrote a little PHP library that will download tags from Github and display them back to the user. They can upgrade or downgrade a workflow
  2. Just registered for the forum. I've been updating quite a few of my old extensions and converting them to workflows. Spotify - controls and integrated search Caffeine - super simple controls Instant Cosby - Get a random Cosby gif Reboot your modem (RCN Only) Tunnelblick - this one is nice for VPN, it will search your VPN configs, load them and then just click to toggle connection VNC / Screen Sharing All my workflows and extensions can always be found here: http://phpfunk.github.com/. - Starting work on a Skype/Address Book workflow as well. This way you can have various skype com
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