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  1. I know there is the workflow alleyoop going around which will download a release for any workflows that include an update.json file, it's a great idea. Automation for updating, making things easy. As I was getting back into making updates to the Spotify workflow I wanted to add this in, but I didn't care for lack of control. Meaning no way to read about the release, view the codebase or even choose a release version. I opted not to use it. Instead I wrote a little PHP library that will download tags from Github and display them back to the user. They can upgrade or downgrade a workflow, as well as 'Control + Enter' to view the code or 'Option + Enter' to read about the release. If there is any interest, I can create a new repo on Github just for the auto-updater. Only caveat is that it is for just that workflow (for now), it doesn't cover all workflows, not sure it ever will. Although it could in the same manner alleyoop does except it would pull info from github (if hosted there) to get release info and browse the codebase. I think alleyoop could probably easily incorporate some of these items to make it a bit more robust. You can see what I am doing here, and read more about the process here. The rest of the control and option clicks to browse the codebase or read docs are in the actual workflow. You would have to download it to view those, you can do so here. Again, if any interest, cool. I can post up whatever anyone would like to see.
  2. Just registered for the forum. I've been updating quite a few of my old extensions and converting them to workflows. Spotify - controls and integrated search Caffeine - super simple controls Instant Cosby - Get a random Cosby gif Reboot your modem (RCN Only) Tunnelblick - this one is nice for VPN, it will search your VPN configs, load them and then just click to toggle connection VNC / Screen Sharing All my workflows and extensions can always be found here: http://phpfunk.github.com/. - Starting work on a Skype/Address Book workflow as well. This way you can have various skype commands that will search your address book for contacts to call, sms, chat with, etc.
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